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Excisional Surgery of Benign Lesions

Benign Nevi (Moles)

The most commonly excised nevi (moles) include:

Dysplastic Nevus

The term dysplastic nevus is often used interchangeably with “atypical” mole, although many consider the latter to be a clinical term, with “dysplastic nevus” used to describe certain histologic (microscopic) features of the mole. Pathologically diagnosed dysplastic nevi are often treated by complete removal with a shave or surgical excision.


Blue Nevus

Blue nevi are characterized by a collection of pigment-producing melanocytes in the dermis. These lesions are usually bluish or bluish-black colored papules. They are usually benign and stable over time. However, malignant melanomas developing in or associated with a blue nevus have been rarely reported. Due to this, blue nevi are often surgically removed.


Congenital and Interadermal Nevus

Flesh-colored or "brownish" moles. These moles are benign, and are removed for aesthetic purposes or due to irritation. They are usually surgially excised or shaved off to prevent recurring pigmentation.

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